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Empower your Employees
Empower your Employees
Understand Your Team
Understand Your Team

How much can you save?

People in your organisation


Mental illness sufferers

It is estimated around three in four employees have dealt with mental health illness in their lifetimes//17% of the workforce has an ongoing mental illness.


missed days

Mental health sick-days account for over half of the taken sick days in the average year.

18,000 USD

lost per year

The annual cost of ill-mental health to businesses around the world is staggering.

* Figures are estimated and based on USA research.

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The right tools for your team

Award-winning app experience

iOS, Android & Web apps allows your employees access to the very best ways of improving their mental wellbeing and mood. The pocket-sized buddy helps them grow, reflect on life, and connect with professional help when they need it, whenever they need it.

Users worldwde
Award-winning app experience
What gets measured, gets managed

What gets measured, gets managed

Understand your company. Empower teams. Artificial intelligence with real, agregated and anonymous data brings vaulable insights - all with high security end2end encryption, and GDPR standards, desiged by people, for people.

Expert support

Our pro-active psychologist support team is able to provide safe and effective methods to optimise your employees’ wellbeing and happiness, whenever they need it – from a dedicated psychologist to curated mental-health events. Connect your team and start to boost your workforce’s mood.

Expert support

Bank-Grade Security

Your privacy is our number one concern - that’s why we are fully GDPR compliant in everything we do, and use end2end encryption to make your data safe and secure.

End-to-end encryption
GDPR compliant
ISO 2007 certification
ISO 2007 certification

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